Friday, June 24, 2011

Blogger's Island- Part Two

I chose this video because it breaks 21st century learning into three easy steps. I really like the author's ideas for creating a 21st century learning classroom. It would be so awesome if we could share this with administrators and have them "buy in" to this idea. Then, as a year-long theme we could focus on moving each classroom and the entire school towards this 21st century learning style!

Blogger's Island- Part One

I think the video is dead on about teaching. Our world is changing and we as teachers must change with it. The old way of teaching, standing in front of students and writing on a board or overhead, is not reaching kids. The new generation of students is more connected to their world and they have adapted to a completely hands-on form of learning. This, of course, means that we are going to have to adapt to how they learn. I believe it affects my teaching tremendously. Each time we sit down to create lesson plans, hands-on, technology-integration MUST be at the forefront of our minds. Our students need to be actively engaged, not just to keep their attention, but to also prepare them for the world that lies ahead.

Of all the verbs listed in the video I think I can identify most with the word, advocate. I have felt so much pressure over the past year to be an advocate for the library program. Interestingly, I feel this pressure from ALL angles. I have felt like I need to advocate to students, parents, fellow teachers, and especially to administrators and school board members. It has placed a lot of stress on me and the way I perform my job, but I feel like it is absolutely necessary!