Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Let's Get This Party Started!

So, you decided to join me in a book study? I promise to make it fun (well, at least as fun as you can make a professional literature book study ). I also promise to make it RELEVANT and PURPOSEFUL. There is nothing worse than spending your precious time on something that is of no use to you.

Let's start by discussing how we got here and why we are even reading this book. As you know, our school district is working on implementing a balanced literacy approach to Language Arts. Unfortunately, we have run into a few problems with this goal. I have heard over and over from teachers on my own campus that you don't feel knowledgeable enough about balanced literacy. Another issue that seems to be a common problem is that there isn't any money put aside to train you on balanced literacy. So basically, we expect you to do it, but we can't afford to train you. I won't rehash all the steps on how we arrived here other than to say after observing the wonderful teachers at Westside Elementary, you all seemed really motivated to learn more and start implementing! That kind of excitement fires me up!

After talking to the principal of Westside, I had the idea to do this study with you. She suggested that we read the book, Guided Reading by Fountas and Pinnell as a good starting point. Since I know your time is valuable why don't we use that book as our PLT (Professional Learning Team) since it is required anyway? Also, why don't we do this online (for the most part) via my blog so that you can work at your own pace generally, and not have to have attend meetings?

So, here we are! The only way this will work is if you KEEP UP WITH THE ASSIGNED READING and if you POST COMMENTS for our discussions. I absolutely do not want this to be something I lead and only some follow along. That would waste my time and it is frustrating to the other people in our group who are following along.

So, let's practice for those of you who are just entering the world of blogging. It is simple and easy and works much like Facebook. I will create an original post (like this one) and you will click comment under the post and add your comments. Your first assignment is to post a simple comment to this post. If you have any trouble, please email me at school and I will come to help you. On your mark, get set, go!!!