Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 9: Final thoughts

1.I like completing this professional development on a self-paced schedule (even though I procrastinated until the bitter end :) ). I really like the web resources that I learned about.
2.My least favorite thing was learning about PhotoStory. I like the program, but I was already familiar with it.
3.This journey has caused me to rethink how I will incorporate technology into the library curriculum. I've always used technology in the library, but I enjoyed learning some fresh ideas to use.
4.THe biggest surprise was the wealth of information on Read-Write-Think.
5.I will most likely use the Google Lit Trip site.
6.This was one of the most useful professional development classes I have attended!
7.The only suggestion would be to keep adding new and improved Web 2.0 tools.

Week 8: Atomic Learning

I searched for projects that would be fitting for the younger kids (PreK-2). I found one on creating a PowerPoint on the life cycle of a frog. I think this would be a good one to try next year. I know first grade does life cycles. I could also use the idea of creating a PowerPoint, but maybe on a different topic (like, their favorite book that they have read so far).

One problem would be getting access to the lab during the times that I have the specific class I am working with. I would also have trouble finding the time to do this since I only see each class thirty minutes a week and part of that time has to be for check out.

To make it successful I would first have to use the mobile lab. i would also need "buy-in" from the teacher so that she woud allow me extra time with her kids. I would also need the teacher to work with me in implementing the lesson. We all know that two adults in a room full of kids with computers is much more effective than just one adult.

Week Seven- Classroom Projects

1. Read-Write-Think: Wow! This site has so much to offer! I am surprised that I have never heard of it! I plan on using this one to find some lessons that I could use to collaborate with some of our teachers on my campus. I think I could find some great library/classroom connection lessons.

2. Kid Pix Delux: I love that Atomic Learning has suggested lessons for using Kid Pix. The kids at our school love this program! It would be so cool to find lessons that teach the TEKS while utilizing this program that kids are already familiar with and enjoy using.

3.Wordle: I explained in my previous post how I have used this in the past and how I would like to use this next year.

4.TerraClues is so interesting! I love how it incorporates technology/social studies/literature! I know the kids would love this site! I am thinking it would be best for the older kids, though.

At our school the teachers are responsible for coming up with the computer lab lessons and teaching them. This year I plan on creating a "pilot program" with Kinder to cover the technology TEKS. I was planning on using as well as some lessons found on the Temple ISD site. I definitely plan on utilizing some of these sites to add information to what I already have planned. These will be especially helpful when I start moving abover Kinder to some of the older grades.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week Six- Classroom Aids

I really think I could use all of these sites in some way! These were all amazing sites!
1. The math manipulatives site is one of those "Man-I-Wish-I-Had-That-When-I-Taught-First-Grade sites! What an AWESOME way for any math teacher to incorporate technology into their math lesson. I plan on using this site by sharing it with my math teachers on campus.

2.Kid Zone- I would like to use this site for my video broadcasting. I am always looking for interesting little tidbits of information to share for the morning broadcast to keep things fresh. I especially like the mind bender section!

3.Google Lit Trips- OK,this one is pretty obvious! I love this site! How awesome it would be to use this when we cover some of the literature posted on this site. I also think it would be so fun to create one with the kids at my school!

4.Scribble maps-This year I did the Flat Stanley project with my second graders. This would be an awesome site to have them visit and place markers down on each place that Stanley has visited. Then, we could print these maps out and the kids would have something tangible to look at and take home to show their parents! So awesome!

5.Word Sift-I can't wait to share this one with our fourth grade teachers. I think they will love this one! I think it would be wonderful to use in the curriculum when they teach Word Choice.

A site that I have used personally and would like to use in the library is: . I think this site would be great to use after reading a novel together with some of the older kids. It would be great to create a wordle on the character traits of a main character in a story.
These wordles also make AMAZING parent gifts. I made one for my husband for Father's Day last year and he loved it!

Week Five- Wikis

1. I can think of a few different ways to use Wikis in my library. The best example I can give is when working on any sort of collaborative project with my fellow teachers. There have been many times when I have a document that I will email to several teachers (maybe an entire grade level) for them to look over and make changes. The hardest thing is to go back and forth between all the emails that start coming back in to me. Many of the teachers will suggest the same changes or add other items that then need to be discussed amongst the other members. What usually happens is a paper trail nightmare. I end up forgetting who has seen what portion of the project and who has suggested changes that have not already been made.

2. Wikis and blogs are quite different in my opinion. A blog is a place for you to express yourself publicly and allow others to comment on your posts. The original content of the blog can't be altered by others. A Wiki on the other hand is a collaborative document that is created as a means of collaboration within a group. A Wiki (if it is unrestricted) is a working document that is "in progress". Other members are allowed to read, edit, add, and delete information in order to participate in the discussion. I think Wikis are best in a collaborative situation while blogs work best for communication without the NEED for collaboration.

3. I would like to use Wikis this year to avoid having so many unnecessary meetings with the teachers on my campus. At the beginning of the year I am planning on "tweaking" our campus AR plan. Rather than trying to convince the AR committee to find a time that works for all of us to meet and discuss my proposed changes, I will create a Wiki to accomplish this task. I would like to import the current plan into a document in my Wiki. Then, I would send it out to the AR committee and have them read through the changes I have made, and add their own ideas and/or comments. I really think this will save so much time!

Week Four- Discovery Streaming

I did not know that Discovery Education offered so many other things for teachers. I have always been aware of the videos that this site has to offer. I recently found the teacher section and played around on it. I love the writing prompt tool. We used it recently in Tech Rep Boot Camp. I can't wait to share it with our fourth grade teachers. I really think they will like it and find it as a useful way to integrate technology into their writing curriculum. I know the fourth grade kids really get tired of writing. I believe that using the computer to accomplish this task would freshen things up for the kids and make them feel as if it is not just another pen and paper task that we are asking them to do.

Week Four- YouTube Web 2.0 video

I found this video on YouTube. I really like it a lot. I think it would be good to show our faculty to "kick start" the school year and build motivation for integrating technology into the classroom.

Week Four: Photostory

Here is a Photostory project that I created for use in my library. It is a book review done by my daughter: