Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week Two-Setting up my blog

Thank goodness I can use my blog from last year. I remember the process of setting it up to be a little long. I am so glad to hear that our district is going to allow us to use these blogs in the classroom next year. It was very frustrating to set this up last summer only to be told we were blocked from using this site at school. I hope to find ways to incorporate my blog into what I do in the library next year. I would also like to use it for teachers. I hope all of my Ney friends are learning lots on this adventure and enjoying what they learn! I was so thrilled to actually receive a facebook message from one of my self-proclaimed, "Non-techno teacher". There is hope out there! If this friend of mine is on Facebook, the world just may be coming to an end! Love you, Billie!

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