Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thing #3-Setting up blog and avatar

I found setting up my blog pretty easy. I have a blog for my library website at school and it all pretty much worked the same way.

I enjoyed creating the avatar. I reminds me of setting up a Mii on my kid's Wii. The hardest part about that was uploading it. I sought out my sister (our family tech-guru) and she showed me how to save as a jpeg and upload it that way.

I have looked at a few other blogs. I have not yet posted any comments or questions.


  1. Brandye, I love, love, love your blog! How did you get the background? Your avatar really reminds me of you!

  2. Brandye,
    Love your background! I too use The Cutest Blog on the Block. My friend recommended it to me and I love that it has so many free backgrounds and they are easy to change for seasons or whenever the mood strikes. I am enjoying my blog and hopefully will use it frequently through the year.
    Amanda Maslonka