Monday, September 20, 2010

School is in session!

Well, it has gotten off to a great start! This year I am sad to say that I will be running the library on my own. My fearless assistant Book Diva, Donna Allen, has decided to retire. I have been busy recruiting volunteers to help me in the library. So far I have had a great turn out! I think I have someone signed up for every day. If you would like to volunteer or know someone who would, please email me!


  1. Hi Mrs.Roland this is Maddy Bone from Mrs. Bland's class. How are you doing this year?What are you doing this year?

  2. Hello Maddy! It is nice to see you using my blog to talk to me! Next time, don't put your last name on here, ok? That is just a safety tip for you. Never put your first and last name out on the internet.
    I am ok this year. How are you? I sure want to see you reading and earning more AR points this nine weeks. How does that sound?