Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week Six- Classroom Aids

I really think I could use all of these sites in some way! These were all amazing sites!
1. The math manipulatives site is one of those "Man-I-Wish-I-Had-That-When-I-Taught-First-Grade sites! What an AWESOME way for any math teacher to incorporate technology into their math lesson. I plan on using this site by sharing it with my math teachers on campus.

2.Kid Zone- I would like to use this site for my video broadcasting. I am always looking for interesting little tidbits of information to share for the morning broadcast to keep things fresh. I especially like the mind bender section!

3.Google Lit Trips- OK,this one is pretty obvious! I love this site! How awesome it would be to use this when we cover some of the literature posted on this site. I also think it would be so fun to create one with the kids at my school!

4.Scribble maps-This year I did the Flat Stanley project with my second graders. This would be an awesome site to have them visit and place markers down on each place that Stanley has visited. Then, we could print these maps out and the kids would have something tangible to look at and take home to show their parents! So awesome!

5.Word Sift-I can't wait to share this one with our fourth grade teachers. I think they will love this one! I think it would be wonderful to use in the curriculum when they teach Word Choice.

A site that I have used personally and would like to use in the library is: . I think this site would be great to use after reading a novel together with some of the older kids. It would be great to create a wordle on the character traits of a main character in a story.
These wordles also make AMAZING parent gifts. I made one for my husband for Father's Day last year and he loved it!

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