Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week Seven- Classroom Projects

1. Read-Write-Think: Wow! This site has so much to offer! I am surprised that I have never heard of it! I plan on using this one to find some lessons that I could use to collaborate with some of our teachers on my campus. I think I could find some great library/classroom connection lessons.

2. Kid Pix Delux: I love that Atomic Learning has suggested lessons for using Kid Pix. The kids at our school love this program! It would be so cool to find lessons that teach the TEKS while utilizing this program that kids are already familiar with and enjoy using.

3.Wordle: I explained in my previous post how I have used this in the past and how I would like to use this next year.

4.TerraClues is so interesting! I love how it incorporates technology/social studies/literature! I know the kids would love this site! I am thinking it would be best for the older kids, though.

At our school the teachers are responsible for coming up with the computer lab lessons and teaching them. This year I plan on creating a "pilot program" with Kinder to cover the technology TEKS. I was planning on using as well as some lessons found on the Temple ISD site. I definitely plan on utilizing some of these sites to add information to what I already have planned. These will be especially helpful when I start moving abover Kinder to some of the older grades.

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  1. What great sites you have to share now. They will love you for giving them suggestions for the computer lab. Anything to help make their lives easier.