Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thing #2- Easiest Lifelong Learning Habit

The easiest lifelong learning habit for me is #6, Using Technology to my Advantage. I do not claim to be a "super-techie" librarian, but I do love technology and love to use it. I find myself turning to technology to simplify all areas of my life. The latest example of this would be a few weeks ago. I was packing my family for our trip to Disney World. I had already ironed my husband's shirts and did NOT want to re-iron them once we reached our resort. So, I went on YouTube and found a video I remembered seeing on how to best fold knit shirts. I watched it a few times, and quickly learned how to fold the shirts so that they would make the trip without getting messed up in the suitcases.

OK...did I mention I can be a little anal in some areas of my life??? :)

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