Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thing #2- The hardest lifelong learning habit

The hardest lifelong learning habit for me is #4, having confidence in myself as a competent, effective learner. I have discovered that whenever I run into a technology problem if I slow down and give it time I can solve the problem. However, when I think I have figured out how to solve the problem, I start to doubt myself. Most of the time I will seek out by email or a phone call one of my fellow librarians to see how they have solved similiar problems. Most of the time I find that I had figured it out correctly on my own, I just did not have confidence in myself.

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  1. isn't it great to have a support team behind you..even if it is just so you know you did it right on your own. I am sure you all support each other on many levels...as do we in mine!

    And now we are support for each other!