Thursday, July 21, 2011

Excursion Island

First of all, let me say, Excursion Island is not for the ADD at heart! :) Oh my goodness! I spent two days playing around with these tools! I couldn't get off the computer! I finally had to MAKE myself stop to do this post. So, here we go....

For your Excursion Island post first reflect on the Horizon Report. What do you see as the most important emerging technology that will influence schools?

After skimming the report, I would say the most upcoming would be the Mobiles section. Everything we do these days is becoming interconnected. I was reading the other day about Apple's new Cloud app. It is going to intertwine the iphone, ipad, ipod, and computers. For example, when you take a picture with your iphone, it will automatically go to all your other devices and then store on itunes. It is becoming so that EVERYTHING we do is somehow connected to the internet. And since this is the case, we expect to have service WHEREVER and WHENEVER we go. Not just any service, either. We want reliable, fast service that will allow us to do whatever it is we need to get done.

Take some day trips into the Web 2.0 websites. Choose one to really explore. Why did you choose that one? What turned you off to the others? What are some of the Web 2.0 tools that you will try next year and why?

I spent the most time on Cool Tools for Schools. That site is just absolutely amazing. It is layers and layers of tools and information. I wouldn't say that the others turned me off necessarily, I just felt like this one was organzied very consisely and clearly. I could easily get around it and tell what I was looking at. I added it to my Delicious account so that I can go back when this class is over and play some more. I have a list of some of the tools I plan on sharing with the teachers on my campus. I still have not done the Wordle tool within one of my lessons, so I am planning on doing that. Some of the tools I plan on sharing are Smories, Study Jams, Createagraph, and

Take a look at some of the fun tools. Play! Do you see any application for these in your classroom?

There were so many that were applicable to the classroom. I am overwhelmed by it all! I personally see applications with the createagraph tool. There were several times last year that I wanted to use a Venn diagram to compare/contrast books. I was really wanting to do that with my Starboard. I never could afford to purchase Kidspiration. WEll, now I can get it for FREE with createagraph! I played around with it and it is very easy to use!

Do you know of any other tools you can share with everyone? Put a link to the website in your post.
Here are links to the three I love the most:

What do you think of the SlideShare tool? Would you share it with teachers and administrators?

Oh my goodness, yes! This should really open up some space on Harold. Many times that is where my teachers and adminstrators put their powerpoints so they can share with their team.

What would the applications be for your teachers?

Easier way to share, share, share!

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