Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Libro Island- ALA site

I usually end up using this site several times during the year. Typically I will use it to access lists of award-winning books such as the Caldecott list, Newberry list, and the Coretta Scott Kind award list. I really like that all these (and more) can be located in one general spot:

After playing around on the site I found that I like the section on Reccomended Print and Media. This part of the site has several different lists of suggested books. It is seperated into various categories like young adult, early childhood, etc. I really like to review lists like this when doing my ordering so that I can make sure I am buying what is deemed good literature by a respectable site such as ALA's.,%20Grants%20and%20Scholarships&stype=R

I also like the online professional learning opportunties that are offered on this site. I looked through them and some looked really good. Of course many of the courses I was interested in cost money (which is something none of us has), but it is nice to know that the opportunities are available.

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