Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Libro Island- AASL

Once again, didn't even know this existed. And once again, all I can say is, WOW!!! I love it!! All the sudden I feel like I am having brain overload over here! I am finding so many cool things that I am afraid I won't remember it all to go back and play around with.

At first when I saw this site, I was disappointed that it was ANOTHER ALA site. I was wondering how ALA could have so many companion sites and not have overlapping information that is the same on all of them. I am pleasantly surprised that this is not the case. Each companion site holds it's own information. I am so excited at all the stuff I am finding!!!

I like the lesson plans section found at:
However, I am sad to say that there is very little for the elementary librarians. I do think those of you who service the older students will find lessons that you may be able to use. It seems like I am always looking for new, fresh, and exciting lessons to implement. I was hoping this might be the place, but there wasn't too much for me.

Best of all, though is the section on the Top 25 websites for teaching and learning.
Oh my! This part of the website is AWESOME!!! There are 25 web 2.0 tools listed here that teachers can use to teach their classes. My mind is spinning! I can see this being a yearlong professional development opportunity at my school. We could pick a few of these tools to learn and explore each week throughout the school year. I plan on sharing this idea with my principal to see if this is something I can do for my teachers to give them new, exciting tools to use with their teaching! Can you tell I am excited???

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