Friday, July 17, 2009

Thing #10- Image Generators

Wow! I just spent so much time playing around on these sites! It is so much fun! I can't wait to share this with my friends and especially my ten year old. I can see her imagination running wild. Here are a few of my creations:
  • I made this word image using Wordle. I can really see the kids using this poster to try and guess some titles that each author wrote. I also think it would look really nice in the library.
  • I made the framed picture of my girls using Image Chef. Loved this site! You can do many more things, too.
  • The smiley face image was created from Smiley Generator. What I liked most about this one is that it was cute, quick, and easy. I can see myself using this alot on either my library website or my newsletters to teachers/parents.
  • The SpongeBob poster came from Comic Strip Generator. I picked this one because so many kids are totally turned on by SpongeBob (I am not a big fan, but it's about the kids, right?)
  • Last but not least, I created the wanted sign by using two different sites. I found the photo in the Creative Commons portion of Flickr. I saved and uploaded it to the sign generator to make the wanted poster.

I think the uses for these sites in the library are endless. I created the images you see here for a variety of uses. I can also see the kids using these sites to make book posters, comic strips about their favorite book/character, frames around their pictures for research papers, etc etc. The list could go on and on!

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  1. I bet your daughter will come up with ideas we haven't even thought about! Hope you two have lots of fun together!