Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thing #20- You Tube and Teacher Tube

On You Tube I searched for Children's book reviews. At first I was thinking it would be fun to play a review or two before checkout with each class. However, the book review I found here was really geared towared parents. I really like that idea too! Many times parents don't know how to talk about the books their kids are reading. I think it would be beneficial to post a video such as this on my website at school for parent use.

I also wanted to try embedding a video from Teacher Tube. The following video is just a "funny" one that I thought might be fun for beginning of the year staff develeopment.

I only have one question about all the video embedding...can we assume that if the link to embed is listed, then we are free to embed the video? If not, where do we look to make sure we are not embedding something that is a copyright violation?

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