Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thing 9- Useful Library Blogs

Ok. I am really at a loss for the right words here. Let me say, first of all, that I do enjoy blogging and reading others' blogs. I can see the benefit of being interconnected with everyone and I love that we can all learn and grow from sharing information with each other. However, I can see where this blogging thing could get me bogged down really fast. I get so caught up in reading all the information. Before I know it, time has flown by and I am extremely off task! Thank goodness for the Goggle Reader. I can keep it all managed and in one place. But, this looking for blogs to add to my reader is overwhelming me. Anyone else feel the same way??

When searching for blogs to add to my list I liked Technorati the best. I like that the site is easy to use and very "clean" (by this I mean, not cluttered with things that get me off task). I must be ADD! I also liked using the Edublog award winners site. It is much easier to choose from the best of the best than to have to go searching through thousands of blogs on your own.

As far as the most confusing, I would have to refer back to the ADD thing. I did not like using or Both of these sites had too much information for me to focus. I am sure they are easy to use, but they are just too busy for my attention deficit mind.

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