Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing #15- Web 2.0 and Libraries 2.0

Web 2.0 and more specifically, Libraries 2.0 means one thing to me....change! I read and enjoyed the article, Away from Icebergs. It really made me think. Things are changing so rapidly. The kids that we have in our schools today do not learn in the same way we did when we were in school. Today's students know so much about technology, but they will need to know even more. It is our job to take what we are learning this summer and begin to incorporate it into our libraries and schools. We need to equip our students with the knowledge of how to find resources on the web and how to use them effectively.

I am so glad I am involved in this class. I really needed something like this to be a wake up call for me to start shifting my way of thinking. It is definitely time to change!


  1. I agree that we need to look at incorporating as much tech into our programs as possible, because that is the world our students will be a part of. I am concerned that we are overlooking learning styles...especially tactile kinestheic learnings. So much of what we are learning really appeal to visual and auditory learning.

  2. We're on the same thing! Did the articles scare you a little, like we are already behind?

  3. Absolutely! I always feel about two steps behind. I just try to remember that I can't change the past. I just keep forging ahead and try to incorporate as much as I can each year.