Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing #14-Technorati

I enjoyed seeing the video from the people at Technorati. It was interesting to see how this site came about and what it takes for the people there to keep up with what is going on on the web. It is amazing. It blows my mind how fast the world of blogging is growing.

Technorati is useful in that, like the video stated, you can see what real world people are thinking about topics of interest. I like that it sifts out all the "other stuff" and only provides the blogs about what we are searching for. It was interesting to see the difference in results that were yielded when we searched in different areas; blogs, blog posts, and tags. It made quite a difference in the number of results as well as the kind of information found.

I am becoming a believer in tagging. It makes so much more sense to me and it is easier to use than folders and such. I think it must be closer to my way of thinking/organizing.

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