Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thing #16-Wikis

I am still hesitant with the whole Wiki thing. Call me a control freak! I am learning as I get older that I do lean towards that personality trait (disorder...haha). I try to not let myself become closed-minded, though. I also understand that I will never truly know if I like something until I get out there and try it. So, my plan is to try using a Wiki with the teachers on my campus first. Many times throughout the year I need their input on something I am planning for the school/grade level. I get so frustrated with the back and forth email thing. I would like to try using a Wiki for this collaborative planning. If this goes well, I could see myself venturing out to using a Wiki with the kids.

1 comment:

  1. WIKI's might also be a way for the librarians to communicate ....like you I get very frustrated with the duplications and confusion of emails....this way we could "all chime in" and avoid some of the confusion of emails.
    I like the idea of collaborative planning...our Eduphoria gives us some of that capability but the Wiki is another good resource.