Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thing #13- Delicious

I first heard of delicious from a fellow librarian, LeeAnn. When she introduced it us I thought it was really cool, but like most things, I never followed up with it. I think that is why I love this class so much! It makes me accountable for learning about these things and then DOING them. My first thought was how hard it would be to get all my bookmarks into Delicious. To my surprise, it was so easy. I appreciated that they even imported them for you. I went back and made tags for each of my old bookmarks and now it is all organized.

I can see this as a useful tool in all aspects of my life. I will definitely use this personally. I now can have my bookmarks at my fingertips no matter where I am. I can also think of ways to use this professionally. I can see our group of librarians getting together and creating a place to save our bookmarks so that we can all see and use them. I am also envisioning setting up a username for the teachers at my school. I am always emailing them with new websites I come across. Now I can put them all in one spot and they can see all of them, not just the sites I found specifically for their grade level. As far as the kids go, I can use this during our research lessons! It would also be cool to add a username for sites that I find just for kids. I could link it to my website and they could check out the suggested sites from there! So much easier than typing it all in on the links section of my website!


  1. I think you plan to set it up for teachers to use is a good one. Have it ready for them, make it easy for them, encourage the use of your list, and pretty soon they will strike out on their own ...and come to you for more ideas, info, and help... and you will have a whole toolbox!

  2. Making it easy is the key! So many times I have tried to show the teachers new things that I think will help them, but they will barely slow down to hear me out.
    Collaborating has been very frustrating to me. It seems that the teachers view it as "something else they have to do". I can't seem to make them understand that with a little planning I can actually ease their burdens!